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Joomla 5: 25+ more Joomla templates updated to Joomla 5

Hi guys,

Embracing the Next Chapter with Joomla 5 Updates! We're thrilled to unveil the latest wave of enhancements, as over 25+ of our Joomla templates have undergone seamless upgrades to embrace the cutting-edge Joomla 5. These updates not only introduce a rejuvenated visual appeal but also leverage the robust capabilities of Joomla 5, elevating your websites to unprecedented levels of performance, security, and customization. Join us as we delve into the future of web excellence!

Joomla 5: 16 more Joomla Templates Upgraded to Joomla 5

Hi guys,

We're back with another batch of Joomla 5 product updates with 15+ more of our Joomla templates now seamlessly upgraded to Joomla 5. These updates not only bring a fresh aesthetic but also harness the power of Joomla 5 to elevate your websites to new standards of performance, security, and customization.

Joomla 5: 18 More Joomla 5-Ready Templates

Hi guys,

Today, we present a diverse collection of 18 more Joomla templates updated for Joomla 5. These newly unveiled templates stand as a testament to our dedication in catering to the ever-growing needs and aspirations of our web development community.

Joomla 5: 9 Additional Joomla 5-Compatible Templates Now Live!

Hi guys,

The excitement continues as we remain dedicated to enhancing your web development experience. We're thrilled to bring you another significant update today: the release of 9 more templates fully compatible with Joomla 5.

Joomla 5: T4 Framework, Purity IV and 3 more templates updated

Hi guys,

Joomla 5 stable has been released. In our continuous commitment to delivering exceptional web development solutions, we've been hard at work to ensure that your websites are up to date and ready for Joomla 5.

Today, we're thrilled to share some exciting news – the first release batch for our T4 Framework and four templates is now fully compatible with Joomla 5!

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